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Running your own website can be costly and time consuming; Cake Stars does the hard work for you. Our 7 years of experience can give you:

  • A professional, up to date presence online
  • Direct advertising, paid for by us, with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more
  • The opportunity to showcase your creations, list your specialities, and post pictures, all on a 100% mobile and tablet friendly platform
  • Receive and respond to enquiries in real time, and connect with other industry insiders to expand your brand


The centrepiece of your event (apart from you!) should be a reflection of your theme, taste and personality; so whether it’s exquisite sugar craft, a naked cake or even a tower of cheese, our decorators will do everything to realise your dream:

  • Be inspired by trends from around the world, stunning photos, and a wide range of stylesand techniques
  • Contact decorators local to your venue quickly and easily, using WhatsApp to share your vision
  • Build your own bespoke cake experience, from setting up at your venue, to finishing touches
  • Use social media to instantly share your Cake Stars journey, and ask your friends and family for their ideas

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The process



It’s easy to register a listing on Cake Stars. Simply tell us the name of your cake decorating business and provide us with an e-mail address.


Complete your profile

Tell your customers about your cake business and where to find you.

Create a biography to detail your passion, link your social media accounts and tell them what services you provide.


Upload images

Showcase your talent by uploading images of completed pieces that you are most proud of.

Every cake decorator has their own unique style. This is an ideal opportunity to show the world your stunning work.


It's a FREE subscription

An Cake Stars subscription enables you to achieve your business goals.

Whether you are just starting out or you are an established cake decorator.


Generate interest and receive enquiries

Gain increased social media activity through people visiting your profile and celebrating your work.

Ultimately, increase the number of orders you receive courtesy of our dedicated cake decorator platform.

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